Author: Denise Lee

We’re Making A Difference

On Saturday, August 24th, Change the Perception founder, Denise Lee, will receive the 2019 Hero of Hope Award from Cathedral of Hope. This honor is shared with every person who has ever attended a Community Conversation, a Cabaret Performance or any effort made in making a difference in our community. We hope you will come and celebrate with us! CONGRATS...

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Conversation changes things

Community Conversation continues to make a huge difference in our community.  When people come together with open minds, hearts change.  Our next gathering Monday, August 27th at the Dallas Children’s Theater, tackles a very important topic – DIVERSITY.  We will have a real discussion about how we develop the trust needed to create diverse environments. We not only host our regular gatherings on every 4th Monday at the Dallas Children’s Theater but we continue to host conversations in Ft. Worth at Circle Theatre and Stage West.  We are also expanding and hosting conversations following theater performances.  We are honored to facilitate Community Conversations following every Saturday performance of Second Thought Theatre’s ‘Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.’ As a bonus, Second Thought is offering a great deal!  When purchasing a ticket to the show, use the word ‘Community’ to get a $25 ticket for $10!!  Click HERE for tickets Also, on September 12th, Stage West Theater will host Community Conversation.  We will discuss topics around their upcoming production of ‘Octoroon’, opening August 30th. Click HERE for tickets ...

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On April 23rd, the Live Theater League of Tarrant County will present Change the Perception Founder, Denise Lee, and Community Conversation, with the Rudy Eastman Diversity Award.  We are honored to receive this on behalf of everyone who has ever attended Community Conversation with the desire to make our community a better place to live!!  Thank YOU! We will continue to host Community Conversation as long as the need exist.  We are changing the world one conversation at a time....

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What an honor!

DFW Theater Critics award a special citation to Denise Lee and Community Conversation   Every year the DFW Theater Critics gather  to nominate, vote for, and debate their favorites from the 2016-17 season.  This year they awarded a special citation that reads as follows: Denise Lee, for starting Community Conversation, following the Dallas Police shootings, as an ongoing, free, inclusive program that gives theater audiences an opportunity to discuss tense issues and create fellowship across different cultures, races, orientations and/or social-economic statuses in a safe, judgment-free setting. The program is held every fourth Monday at the Dallas Children’s Theater, alternates every other month at Circle Theatre and Stage West in Fort Worth and has been offered after Second Thought Theatre’s Straight White Men, Kitchen Dog Theater’s Br’er Cotton and WaterTower Theatre’s Hit the Wall. I want to thank the D-FW Theater Critics for the honor and acknowledgment of what we are trying to do to make our community a better place. I share this with all those who work with, attend and share the vision of what we can do through conversation. Come join us!! We’re changing the world one conversation at a...

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One year ago…..

…..We started Community Conversation. One year ago today, 200+ people gathered together to try to bring some healing to each other in the aftermath of tragedy. We came together to talk, to listen, to learn, to grow, to heal. Since that time, Community Conversation has continued to meet once a month with the intention of bringing together diverse groups of people who talk TO each other and not AT each other. We talk about a wide variety of topics that take us out of our comfort zone but allows us to learn more about each other and about ourselves. As we ask the hard questions, offer honest feelings and share our concerns, we grow as better people. We then go into the world with this new understanding and make a difference in the lives of all the people with whom we come in contact. The ripple effect is unending.  Tonight, we will gather at Circle Theatre in Ft. Worth for Community Conversation. And we will continue in Ft. Worth every other month.  I can’t begin to express my gratefulness as to how this movement has taken off. I am so thankful for those first 200 people who took the chance to come to a gathering without knowing what to expect but came knowing we needed to make a change. And WE DID! And we will continue to do so....

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